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CAD Projects... taking up your Time

Computer Aided-Design (CAD) software was meant to make life better when designing, prototyping, and manufacturing. Though we often forget about all the projects that whirl around this amazing software that cause time burn and increase frustrations.

Wire drawings need to be updated to match new standards, sales need files for customers without proprietary information, and marketing wants more rendered images.

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CAD Projects Taking Time

Get Quoted!

Our quoting process makes sure you get what you want and need.

  • Set your quality
    Fill out our quality expectancy sheet. Add any drafting standards or select our drafting standard that includes ASME Y14.7 drafting code.
  • We review
    Our project managers review the project, your requirements, and desired result. We will review with you our project outline.
  • Receive accurate quotes
    With our experienced CAD draftsman, we provide reasonable pricing and work hard to make sure we don't go over our quotes.
  • We get to work
    Once you are happy with the project plan and quote we will get to work and complete your project as soon as possible.

Track Projects

One of the largest frustrations with CAD projects is tracking to see if they are on time and on budget. We make sure to keep communication lines open so you can know and feel confident that your project will be completed to your standards.

  • Weekly updates
    We provide weekly updates that correlate to the project plan attached to the project.
  • Familiar voice
    From quote to delivery, have a dedicated project manager who knows about your project.
  • Response time
    Have a question? We provide quick responses and have on call employees over the weekend for any emergencies.

Define Your Requirements

Set your requirements and get the models you need. All projects backed by our extensive Quality Assurance process to ensure your project is stable and completed to your requirements.


Critical Dimensions
1 Source Document
Small Assemblies
Email Support
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Moderate Part Detail
3 Source Documents
Medium Assemblies
Email Support
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High Part Detail
Unlimited Source Documents
Large Assemblies
Web Project Portal
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