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The Founder

Trevor Newsom has always been interested in STEM fields.  In high school he took his first college level hand drafting course and was shortly thereafter introduced to his first Computer Aided-Design (CAD) program, AutoCAD 2005. He then took an Architectural drafting course and after graduating high school he sought to take his college level learning to start the path of becoming an acoustical architect.

Life does not always follow a linear path and when Trevor was working to pay for his schooling, he landed a job as a drafting intern at Hart Scientific (today known as Fluke Calibration). There he was assigned to the engineering services department where he became hooked on 3D modeling.

With the ever changing CAD software environment, he made sure that between formal drafting jobs that he kept up to date with the four big MCAD softwares: Solid Edge, Inventor, Pro-Engineer/Creo, and SolidWorks by utilizing the free trials and completing the training programs before the trials were up.

Trevor Newsom has accumulated 1,200+ hours in formal education and 50k+ hours professionally. He is trained in Solid Edge, Inventor, Pro-Engineer/Creo, and SolidWorks. His expertise is in parametric drafting but is proficient in other drafting areas from advanced surfacing to ASME Y14.7 manufacturing drawings.

Where it Started

Gear Hold Technologies was started after Trevor Newsom left a company that was too focused on recurring profits than what their customers needed. We had a mid-tier gaming laptop and a one year license to Creo and worked out of a spare room in our apartment.


Gear Hold Technologies is privately invested in by the founder.