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Project Manager

Project managers are dedicated to completing CAD projects and providing customer service for their projects.  They work with data entry, drafters, API specialists, and QA to ensure that your project is completed to your requirements.

Data Entry & CAD prep

Our data entry and CAD prep departments make sure that all incoming data is clean and accurate to reduce costly changes after finding corrupted data. They also transform the data so that the drafters can build their models more quickly and accurately.


Our drafters are trained in your CAD software of choice.  We ensure that they complete yearly trainings on new version releases and help them get their certifications.  We also have internal training given by our R&D team for the latest modeling practices, techniques, and standards.

API Specialists

We have a dedicated team of drafters that specialized in application programing interfaces for your CAD software of choice.  This allows us to develop and run internal tools to process your CAD projects faster and at high accuracy.  They work closely with our R&D team and your software providers to make sure that they are using the best practices and standards.

Quality Assurance

Our quality assurance teams are dedicated to ensuring the highest quality from production.  They are trained in the CAD software of choice. They check models for dimensional accuracy and model stability.

Make your CAD work for you.