Project Tracking

Project Tracking

Microsoft Teams

We use Microsoft teams for your projects. This allows you to see in real time our progress and check in with us.  Our goal to is have an environment where you can know where your project is at within 5 minutes. We seek to have an environment where you can find project history and major events.  This is also where you upload your files and download your project when it is completed.  Any calendar events or links to other software we use will be found in your Microsoft teams.


To organize milestones, tasks, and other project tracking events we use buckets so that you can quickly see the stats and progress on your project.  We always have buckets labeled To-Do, Data Entry, Drafting, Automated Systems, and QA. We may add additional buckets depending on the needs of your project.


Have a question? Reach out to us by leaving a comment on the conversations page.  You can also comment on any wiki post, task, bucket, date, and many other items.  We believe that good communication leads to a better product and in a shorter time.


With Microsoft teams, any file you post in conversations will be saved to files.  Files is connected to a share point drive that is like Drop Box for Microsoft users. Download the app and have access to the files on your local computer in less time.  

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