Solutions That

Work For You

CAD Libraries

Need to build a vendor library or export your catalog? We can help! We can build reference models of your vendor parts so that you can track pricing, weight, and other stats on vendor parts.  We can also build your catalog reference models for your clients.

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Dynamic Modeling

Dynamic modeling uses one model to represent multiple configurations depending on variables that can be defined from a database or user input.  We are experts in dynamic modeling and have created part models with 10,000+ combinations and assembly models with 6+ million combinations.  

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Repetitive Tasks

Need to perform an update on your CAD files or need to import/export thousands of models? We can help ease your workload with our drafting team.  We use Application Programming Interface(API) tools to automate repetitive tasks to keep human interaction to a minimum.  This increases accuracy of repetitive tasks while decreasing the time to complete your project.

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Make your CAD work for you.