CAD Libraries

CAD Libraries

In-House vendor Libraries

Have a regular or new vendor but none of their CAD models? We can build your CAD libraries to be easily integrated with your data management tool.  Let us know your data management tool requirements and we will set up your models with the right integrations.  

Client vendor libraries

Clients asking for CAD reference files?  We can help create your catalog CAD reference files.  Don’t worry about your highly dynamic part numbering system since we use dynamic modeling.  One dynamic parts can account for millions of combinations through list or parametric values.

Detail Level

With libraries you can chose your detail level.  You may only want a simple representation or an attractive representation.  High quality detail models can result in impressive renderings for presentations or keep your clients coming back for that high-quality look. Low detail means it’s less likely for someone to reverse engineer and can be completed in a shorter time.

Proprietary Protection

We ensure to protect your Proprietary Information through dimensional modification of PI geometry and removing PI geometry when necessary.  Let us know what areas you are concerned about and we can suggest ways to protect your geometry.

Make your CAD work for you.